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Booking Form

Welcome to Alba's booking form!

Flash and custom projects are possible. At the moment, Alba gives priority to flash designs and large pieces. Smaller custom pieces are also possible based on availability.

For flash designs:
You can find her flash designs on her second Instagram profile: @le_rey_art
All designs are exclusive and will be tattooed only once. Please check the caption of each post to see the availability, recommended size and placement.

If a flash that you like is taken, she can also create a new design for you inspired by one that you like.

For custom designs:
Alba will create the design
on the day of your appointment. She will have a discussion with you in person to agree on it, and draw it afterwards. You will also be able to request changes if necessary. It won't possible for Alba to draw the design before the appointment.

We ask everyone to keep an open mind about custom desig
ns. Some changes to your initial idea may be necessary to keep an harmonious composition. This includes the size, placement and the overall design.

Where does Alba work?
You can find more precise dates on her main Instagram @alba___rey in the story highlights ''TRAVEL''.
She is currently touring Europe until she moves to the USA. Afterwards, she will keep coming back regularly for guest spots.

The following cities have open waiting lists: Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London, Zürich, Strasbourg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Valencia. These are the main cities, others may also be possible.
Alba is currently in an immigration process for the USA and hoping it will happen some time in 2024. She will be based in Los Angeles, but will do guest spots around the country. Waiting lists are open (tell us the cities that are possible for you.)


Which type of design would you like?
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For custom pieces ONLY, please upload the following pictures:

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Note: The appointment will be confirmed after we receive a deposit and booking agreement. You will receive an email to confirm the booking once this is completed.

Your booking form for has been submitted.

Thank you!

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