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  • How do you book an appointment ?
    To book a session, please fill the form here. Make sure to indicate what you want, the size, placement on your body and your availabilities. I am available for a free consultation if you want to discuss about the design. I will get back to you by email and send you the informations for the deposit.
  • What are the conditions of the deposit ?
    The deposit is non-refundable. If you can’t come to the appointment, notify me a minimum of 24 hours in advance and I will reschedule it with you. If you do not come to the appointment without notifying me or are not available to reschedule it, I will keep the deposit. The deposit is meant for me to block time and to work on your design. It is therefore non-transferable to someone else.
  • What types of projects do I do ?
    I am happy to do mostly my flash designs but I also make custom tattoos as long as they match my style. I like to work on big pieces, the small projects that I do are mainly from my flash designs. I don’t copy any images or other styles. I do not use colors, only black and white ink. I can do cover-ups, once again, as long as they will fit with my style.
  • Do I tattoo over scars ?
    Yes, I tattoo over scars, as long as they are a minimum of two years old. Please send me a picture of your scar or a request for a free consultation.
  • What are the prices ?
    Price always depends on the final design, the size and the placement. Please send me an email with the details of your project and I can send you an approximation of the price. The final price will only be confirmed the day of the session.
  • When will I be able to see my design ?
    You will see the design the day of your appointment. It will not be possible to see it before, but the day of the tattoo, you will have time to discuss and change the design if necessary.
  • What does your tattoo process looks like ?
    I personally like to take my time during the process and take as many breaks as you need. It would therefore be better if you have the whole day off for the tattoo. Please eat and drink well before the session. I recommend that you start moisturizing the skin where you will get tattooed a few days prior to the appointment. Before we start tattooing, you will have the opportunity to ask for changes in the design. I do free retouches, if you need some, please send me some pictures of the healed tattoo and mention me that you need some touch-ups.
  • Do I do guest-spots in other cities ?
    I try to do guest-spots one week per month. To see my schedule, please look at the Travel section of my website.
  • What aftercare is required for my tattoo ?
    I usually use the Second-Skin foil on my tattoos which stays on for the three first days. After three days, you have to remove it slowly in the shower or under running water. You then clean your tattoo with warm water and neutral soap. Let it dry in the air or softly with some paper towel. Then, apply tattoo cream or coconut oil. I will recommend you a tattoo cream the day of the appointment. Clean it and cream it similarly twice a day for two weeks. Avoid hot baths, saunas, pools, seas, lakes and sports for two weeks.
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